Turn Off Auto Pilot

When we see events of injustice, malice, or reprehensible behavior, it's common to blame an easy target. It's easy to blame the cops, Muslims, illegals, or men. The problem with blaming an entire demographic though is that it's completely ineffective and useless. Notice I didn't mention that it was wrong, even though it is. But this is not about wrong or right. It's about whether or not it's an effective strategy. 

If you're interested in changing the human condition, you need to address the actual problems, circumstances, and the system that allowed the injustice to happen in the first place. That's when the real work starts. You need to decide whether you really want to change things, or whether you just want an easy out so you can get back to being on auto pilot. Work on solving the problem, or complain and take the easy way out. Your choice.

Jeff Ganger